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Welcome to NEMO Therapeutics

NEMO Therapeutics is dedicated to elevating children who are severely impacted by autism to a level where they can learn, play, and go on to participate constructively and independently in society.

NEMO (Neurological Enhancement through Managed Oxygen) Therapeutics has a patented medical therapy targeted at neurological conditions.  Whilst we are currently focused on autism spectrum disorders, our therapy has other neurological applications such as cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injury, persistent symptoms of post concussion and stroke.

The therapy process reduces neuroinflammation, improves blood flow,  and stimulates the development and repair of the circulatory system within the brain enabling permanently improved function at the biological level.

What We Do

Innovative Neurological Therapy

NEMO Therapy
NEMO Caregivers
Neuological Development

NEMO Operating Sytem

An integrated platform to deliver hyperoxic therapeutic 

treatment for a range of neurological conditions in clinical settings or at home.

Caregiver Reports

Real life perspectives from primary caregivers for moderate to severely autistic children

Research & Development

Our own and other associated research on how the NEMO Therapeutic process works.

Some of Our Coverage

We have had several opportunities to enthuse about the results we've seen in our early studies, and to broadcast the message that there are small groups like us, challenging the status quo of the medical industry and driving non-invasive, non-drug based interventions which are creating impressive results.  We are always looking for more opportunities to share the impact our work is having for families, whilst also maintaining scientific integrity and appropriate caution as we establish more data to seek the required formal regulatory approvals to make the therapy generally available.

Article in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine

Vortex Podcast with CTO and Founder Mike Allen 

Our Founders Russ and Mike on abc7 News

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