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About Us

NEMO Therapeutics was founded to improve the quality of life and functional outcome for people suffering with neurological conditions, with an initial focus on Autism.  With over 80 man-years experience in deep diving, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and clinical wound care - we recognised that it was possible to create a new system of care which would allow the non-invasive treatment of neuro-inflammatory conditions in the home or care facility.

NEMO stands for Neurological Enhancement through Managed-dose Oxygen.  By thinking differently we have created a new patented process for hyperoxic therapy which we have validated in multiple pilot studies with teens and pre-teens moderately to severely affected by autism.  These studies yielded remarkable and seemingly permanent results.

Our approach applies to multiple other conditions such as cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease / dementia, mild traumatic brain injury, persistent symptoms of post concussion and stroke.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
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