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Prototype NEMO Platform In Action

NEMO Therapy is an advanced form of non-invasive ventilation with specifically managed dose oxygen treatment at microbaric(r) pressure targeting the fundamental vascular system within the brain.  Our subjects are treated multiple times per week for as long as benefits continue to accumulate (as measured by ATEC and expert support).  Given this we have focused on creating a platform that can be deployed at home or in a managed facility and with a user friendly control system  that can be operated by the caregiver (normally the parents).

Our therapy requires the patient to wear the transparent NEMO hood during treatment, we have had excellent acceptance even with the most severely affected autistic children.

Our work so far has been at a pilot phase and so the equipment is at prototype stage as you may see from the the pictures.  We are working to make the equipment much smaller and as much like a piece of home furniture as possible so that it will readily integrate both into the home surroundings and the family routine.​

The  pictures range from our pilot study participation to our prototype product development and are intended to help you understand the form of treatment and how easy it is to administer.

Our studies so far have been with teen and preteen children, but the hypothesis we have developed suggests there should be no age barrier to who can benefit from NEMO Therapy. This could bring the many profoundly autistic adults back towards a level of function at which they can establish a quality of life that they've not likely experienced, and that their caregivers and family have given up on them ever having 


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